Research Paper
Below are all the files that we will be using for the Research Report. There are also links to additional websites you may find useful for your paper.

Town History Research Introduction and Rubric
Town History Research Planning Worksheet

Waynesboro General History 
Monterey Pass - Blue Ridge Summit (Civil War)
Oller House - Waynesboro  
Hetty Zeilinger - Blue Ridge Summit (12 Year Old Civil War Hero)
Welty's Mill and Bridge - Waynesboro (Civil War, Historical Landmark)
 General "Mad" Anthony Wayne - namesake of Waynesboro (American Revolution)
 John Bourns Cabin - One of Waynesboro's first settlers (Civil War)
Renfrew Sisters - Renfrew Park (Ghost Story)
George Frick - Founder of Frick Company (steam engines and harvesting machinery originally, then refrigerating equipment)
Landis Brothers - Founders of Landis Machine Company AND Landis Tool Company (steam engines originally, then grinding machinery)
Enoch Brown Park - Memorial Site (Greencastle; School House Massacre)
Cpl. William Rihl - killed in PA (Greencastle; Civil War)
Wallis Simpson - Blue Ridge Summit (Became Duchess)
Monterey Inn/Monterey Country Club - Blue Ridge Summit
Camp David - Catoctin, Maryland (just over state line)
Raven Rock Mountain Complex (aka. Site R) - Fairfield, PA
*Be careful that you are using actual websites and not those of conspiracy theorists. MANY sites are
spoofs and unreliable.*
Buena Vista Springs Hotel - Blue Ridge Summit
Jacob Shockey Farm - South Mountain (Underground Railroad)
Mason Dixon Line

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