Mr. Jay Frech

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I teach 6th grade World Geography and Earth Sciences.  Following is my daily schedule:

7:38- 8:58      Block 1
9:01- 10:20    Block 2
10:24- 10:54  Lunch
10:57- 12:17  Block 3
12:20- 1:00   WIN (Environmental Problems and Solutions/ Exact Path Math and Reading
1:03- 1:43     Planning (Students have Related Arts)
1:46- 2:20     Braves Block

We are currently studying World Geography, and will continue to do so up until the Holiday Break,  at which time we will switch to Earth Science and the Scientific Method.  So far we have studied North America, Central America and the Caribbean, South America, and Europe.  At present we are studying the geography of Asia.

When science begins, we will first study the Scientific Method with a special focus on Variables. Then we will study minerals and rocks, followed by plate tectonics.

All sixth grade students are required to do a science fair project, either individually or with a partner.  Sometime in December parents will receive a letter allowing them to select if they want their child to work with a partner or by themselves.  Over the Holiday break students can start exploring project ideas.  Project ideas are subject to teacher approval.  When students come back in January they will be given a list of due dates for all parts of the science fair project.