Mrs. Kathleen Taylor

Welcome to Math Class!

We have finished the first marking period.  I have truly enjoyed getting to know your sons and daughters.  It has been a wonderful beginning to the school year and I am excited for the second marking period.  

Math 6 will be starting Chapter 3 - Decimals.  Students are anxious to begin our unit on decimals.

Pre-Algebra is finishing up Chapter 3 on solving equations and inequalities. Students are working hard and getting ready for their Chapter 3 Common Assessment.  We will begin Chapter 4 the week of Thanskgiving.

I hope everyone has a relaxing and enjoyable holiday season!

It's time to return to school.  I hope everyone has had a relaxing and enjoyable summer vacation. There are a few things you will need for Math class this year.  They include a  notebook (used for math only), a folder, and several pencils. Come to class with an eagerness to learn and a good attitude and we will have a great year! 

To access our Pre-Algebra on line text, students need to log on to 
password: taylorprealg
username: taylorprealg

Check upcoming assignments and assessments on the Sapphire portal.
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The following topics will be covered:

Math 6:          Unit 1 - Measures of Center, Statistics and Graphs
                     Unit 2 - GCF, LCM, Fraction Computations, Ratios
                     Unit 3 - Decimal Computation, Percents
                     Unit 4 - Properties, Inequalities, Absolute Value
                     Unit 5 - Polygons, Nets, Surface Area, Volume
                     Unit 6 - Solving Equations, Equivalent Expressions
                     Unit 7 - Inequalities, Comparisons, Ratios
                     Unit 8 - Graphing and Comparing Rates

Pre-Algebra :        Ch. 1 – Expressions, Variables, Integers
                        Ch. 2 – Solving Linear Equations 
                        Ch. 3 – Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities
                        Ch. 4 – Factors, Fractions, and Exponents
                        Ch. 5 – Rational Numbers and Equations
                        Ch. 6 – Ratio, Proportion, and probability
                        Ch. 7 – Percents
                        Ch. 8 – Linear Functions
                        Ch. 9 – Real Numbers and Right Triangles
                        Ch. 10 – Measurement, Area, and Volume
                        Ch. 11 – Probability and Data Analysis
                        Ch. 12 - Angle Relationships and Transformations

                        Additional topics will be inserted to prepare for state testing


This will be my 21st year at WAMS.  I attended Mansfield University and St. Francis College. I graduated from Wilson College with a Masters of Education degree last Spring.

I anticipate all students having a terrific year!

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