Mr. Bosso’s Health Class

Grading Policy: In this class, the grade you receive will be a direct reflection of the effort you put forth. “The more you put in… the more you get out.” Your grade will be determined in the following manner:

  • Tests/Quizzes (100 possible points)
  • Homework / special assignments (50 – 100 possible points)
  • Participation (112 possible points) Poor behavior and/or not being prepared for class will negatively affect your participation grade
  • Essential Questions documents (30 possible points)
  • Current Events (40 points)

Current Events: Two Current event days will be done in class. Article review related to health. Newspaper, magazine or internet with a brief written summary (2 paragraphs) or Power Point (3 – 5 slides). You can receive extra credit if you want to present your current event in class.

Homework: There will not be a lot of homework, however what is assigned is expected to be completed to the best of your ability and handed in on time!


Class rules: Our class rules are common sense and simple and they all revolve around respect. Respect yourself, your classmates, class visitors and all faculty and staff.

  • One person talks at a time. When I am speaking no one else is. The same goes for everyone in the class. Show the speaker the same RESPECT you would want if you were talking
  • Be prepared for class. You will keep your text book in class. You must bring your health folder and journal to class every day. Not having your health folder, journal or something to write with will negatively affect your participation grade.

Consequences: If you need to be spoken to regarding the class procedures:

                             1st time – Verbal Warning

                             2nd time – Email or phone call to your parents

                             3rd time – Teacher detention

Restroom policy: Use the restroom prior to coming to class. If you feel you may be late, ask a fellow student to inform me. Restroom use during class will be for emergencies only. You must have your planer to leave the room for any reason.


6th Grade: Life Skills Program, Drug awareness education

7th Grade: Life skills Program, Family Studies (puberty, male and female reproductive systems)

8th Grade: Life Skills Program, Basic First Aid

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