Classrooom Rules

Classroom Rules:

Our mission is to facilitate students in improving their quality of life through regular physical activity.  This will be accomplished by using a student-centered approach while teaching the psycho-motor, cognitive, and affected aspects of physical fitness and demonstrating personal responsibility in all areas of the curriculum.

Physical Education Attire:
All students are expected to be properly dressed for every class period.  This promotes freedom of movement, safe participation, and builds up hygienic practice.Full length shorts, sweats, (no zippers, no buttons, no boxer shorts, no sleepwear)and a plain white tee shirt.
1.  Socks
2.  Sneakers ONLY and must be tied.
3.  For safety, students are expected to remove all jewelry EXCEPT stud earrings and medic alert jewelry.
4.  Students should put name on each article of clothing.
5.  Keep PE clothes, sneakers, socks, towel, an locker clean.
6.  There will be a lost and found box in each locker room.  Check it when needed.

Locks And Lockers:
1.  All students are required to purchase a key lock/combination lock.
2.  Each student is given a locker to keep their PE clothes/sneakers in.
3.  Lockers must be kept clean.  No GLASS containers of any kind are        
permitted in lockers room.

4.  Lockers must be locked all the times.
5.  DO NOT wear valuable jewelry on days that you have PE class.  Students can put all valuable stuff in my office.
 6.  Students are responsible for their own belongs.
 7.  Students should NEVER share a locker with another student.
 8.  DO NOT carry large amounts of money on PE days.
 9.  No chewing gum.
 10. No cell phones in locker room or gymnasium
 11.  Students can put their keys on my key board in my office.

Behavior Expectations:
Gym, Locker Room, Weight Room, and Fields
You are to be in the locker room when the bell rings or you will be tardy.  The consequences for being tardy will follow the school-wide tardy policy.  Dress out quickly and wait to be dismissed to go out to the activity for the day.  Lock all clothes, book, and valuables in your locker.  
We are not responsible for your belongings!
Anyone caught defacing the locker room or any school property will be dealt with by administration.
1.  Running, profanity, bullying, fooling around and screaming are not allowed.
2.  Do not enter the coaches' office without permission.
3.  You will be dismissed at the end of the class by the teacher.  Everyone must sit on the locker room benches for dismissal.  You may not hang out in the bathroom or outside the exit door. 
4.  Do not touch any locks or lockers unless it is yours.
5.  Do not share your locker with anyone.
6.  No eating will be permitted in the locker room.

If anyone is caught intentionally damaging any part of the physical education facilities or equipment, they will be restricted from use and will be expected to pay for the damages. 

Dress/Participation/Achievement of Daily Performance Objective
Students must be properly dressed to participate in class activities and demonstrate achievement of daily performance objectives.  More than one offense will jeopardize student's PE grade.
1st Offense: Warning, Completion of "Not Dressed Report"
2nd Offense: Parent/Guardian phone call, Completion of second "Not Dressed Report"
3rd Offense: Lunch Detention, Parent/Guardian phone call, Completion of third "not Dressed Report"
4th Offense: Written referral to Administration

If students are absent from PE you will need to do make up work for missing the day to receives points for that day.  You will need to find an article about sports, nutrition, health, from a newspaper, magazine, online, etc, read it and write one paragraph (at least 5 sentences) summarizing what you've learned from the article.  You will receive full credit once you turn in your article to your coach to be graded.  This is to done for each day absent (i. e. if you are absent for 3 days then you need to do 3 articles).  

  1.  A proper excuse consist of the following: 
          a.  Doctor's Excuse:  All instructions will be followed according to the instructions given on the doctor's excuse.  If its a serious illness or injury that will keep the student from participating for more than 2 class periods the teacher will then assign alternative work.
          b.  Parent Excuse:  Must include a valid reason for excuse, date, parent/guardian signature, and phone number where parent/guardian can be reached.  A parent excuse can only be used for two class period per quarter. The student however, is not excused from physical education. The student will still be required to dress, accompany the class, and participate with appropriate modifications made (example:  walk, act as peer coach/referee/scorekeeper). 

1.  Any injury occurring during PE class must be reported to the PE teachers IMMEDIATELY.

PTS.          Dress/Clothing              Fitness/Effort                   Activity/Attitude

2                                                 *Student puts forth          *Student demonstrates      
                                                    maximum effort.                 competency in motor
                                                                                                         skills and movement
                                                                                                         patterns related to all
 *Student follows all             *Student follows all

                                                   directions and completes     directions/instructions
                                                   all required elements.            and plays by the rules
                                                                                                             in a cooperative manner.

1   *Student is dressed            *Student does not follow       *Student has some in PE attire that               directions and does not        difficulty wallows allows for safe participation   complete ALL required       motor skills and 
   elements                  movement patterns
                                                      *Student displays average      *Student                                                                                     or below average effort.        demonstrates a           
                                                                                                                     poor attitude.

0           *Student has not                *Student refuses to               *Student does not
              changed into                      participate and puts               participate in the
              appropriate clothing           forth no effort                 activity or                                  for PE class                                                                                  demonstrates
                                                                                                                          a bad attitude.

Students will receive up to 5 points for each class period.  At the end of the marking period, the total points will be average against number of classes for that marking period.

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