Mr. Phillip Thorpe

This is the place to find information about the current status of the Middle School Instrumental Music Program. If there is information that you cannot find please send Mr. Thorpe an email so he may answer your question(s). 

Upcoming Concert Schedule;
New Oxford Jazz Festival is Friday April 15, 2016
District Jazz Night Concert is Thursday April 21, 2016.

W.A.M.S. Spring Concert is Thursday May 19, 2016.


The Middle School follows a six day schedule and each instrument group has their lesson on a different day. Band lessons are rotated through four different periods so the students only miss each class every twenty-four times that it will meet. All instrumental large groups meet during 7th period of each day.  All 7th & 8th grade band students must participate in group lessons and Concert Band. The exception is that 7th grade drummers will have lessons but will not participate full concert band.  They will participate in 7th grade percussion ensemble and will perform at the same concerts as the concert band.  Jazz Band is available to all 7th & 8th grade Saxophone, Trombone, French Horn, Trumpet, Guitar, Electric Bass, Piano and Drum Set players.  (with the exception of Guitar, Electric Bass and Piano players, you must be in Concert Band to participate in Jazz Band.)

7th period, known as Braves Block, is when the large groups rehearse.  Below is the Braves Block schedule of rehearsals;

Day 1 - 7th grade Percussion Ensemble
Day 2 - Concert Band
Day 3 - Jazz Band
Day 4 - Concert Band
Day 5 - Jazz Band
Day 6 - Concert Band

Group lessons will be as follows;

Day 1 - 7th grade F Horns, Baritones, Trombones & Drums
Day 2 - 7th Grade Flutes & Clarinets
Day 3 - 7th Grade Saxophones & Trumpets
Day 4 - 8th Grade Saxophones, Trumpets & Trombones
Day 5 - 8th Grade Flutes & Clarinets
Day 6 - 8th Grade F Horns, Baritones & Drums

What should I wear to my concert performance?
Over the years I have determined that simplicity, consistency and appropriateness works the best for concert attire.  All band students will be required to wear the following clothing for all concerts;

White button down collared shirt (neck tie optional)
Black long pants
Dark shoes
Dark socks

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